COIL aluminum coil flat roll operation
COIL aluminum coil flat roll operation
COIL aluminum coil flat roll operation
COIL aluminum coil arrival situation
Project example (Shenzhen Zhongguang Nuclear Building)
Project example (Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Park)

Descriptions of Coil anodized aluminum panels

As a manufacturer of continuous anodized aluminum materials in the international market, the Coil S.A./N.V. provides a variety of continuous anodized aluminum coils which are widely used in construction, industrial and decoration fields. Since founded in 1972, Coil S.A./N.V. has established five production lines of continuous anodized aluminum products in Belgium and Germany, reaching a total annual output of 50,000 tons. A new production line with an annual output of 15,000 tons has been put into production in Germany. The company has been selected by lots of customers as the long-term supplier for exterior curtain walls and indoor engineering.

Technical parameters of Coil anodized aluminum panels

The Coil S.A./N.V. provides various specifications of continuous anodized aluminum materials, and it is the only manufacturer that is capable of performing anodizing and coating processing on the same production line in the world. In the European market, the Coil S.A./N.V. is a major supplier of aluminum materials that provides the services of processing with supplied materials and subcontracting services. For construction work, the company provides coils and sheets of specifications required by customers.

Continuous anodizing process

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that changes the surfaces of aluminum materials to form a transparent film with high hardness. This process can be combined with an electrolytic coloring process to form a series of UV-resistant color layers on the surface of aluminum materials or organic color layers that are as UV-resistant as the lacquers. The formed anodized layers or "oxide films" are still of 100% aluminum, which retains the recycling rate of aluminum materials unchanged. Thus, natural characteristics and glow of aluminum materials are remained while durability and corrosion-resistant performance of pure aluminum products are achieved.

Quality assurance of anodized aluminum panels

We guarantee that: All of our European brands of anodized aluminum panels are anodized at the Belgium factory of the Coil company.

  1. Guarantee of base materials: all processes, from aluminous soils to aluminum panels, are conducted in strict accordance with EU standards, and all operations are fully enclosed, mechanized and automatic.
  2. Guarantee of colors: the color consistency can be guaranteed in both batch and mixed production.
  3. Guarantee of service life: the service life is more than 50 years, and a warranty of service life can be provided.
  4. Guarantee of product performance: measured performance parameters can be provided or measurement methods can be provided for users who can perform tests by themselves.

Mechanical performance

  1. Aluminum alloy: comply with the EN AW 5005 (AlMg1-B) in the European standard EN 573-3
  2. Specific gravity: 2.7 kg/dm2
  3. Status (EN 485-2): H14
  4. Tensile strength: Rm 145-185 MPa
  5. Yield strength: Rp 0.2: > 120 MPa
  6. Elongation: < 1%
  7. Min. bending radius: 1*t
  8. Thermal expansion coefficient: Linear expansion coefficient: 0.024 mm/m/°C
  9. Elastic coefficient: Elastic coefficient: ca.70,000 MPa


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